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    Education and Training: Talent is the new and first resource into. Company personnel as the basis, backed by training, has been trying to build high-end platforms, training with core competence of the personnel, enhance the ability of qualified personnel.

    Pre-service training: through training for new hires to understand overview of the company's development, corporate culture, mastered the essential knowledge of various chemical production, regulate their own behavior, to comply with company policies, quickly adapt to new working environment.

    Job training: to improve labor skills through training and labor-cooked staff posts to be independent, competent job fast work; to form with only one teacher to teach job skills, work license exam to attend the end of incubation.

    Technical Level Training: According to state regulations, combined with the company characterized by multiple levels of training for technical jobs, enhance the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of employees through training, those who pass the appropriate technical certificates granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Department.

    Academic training: The company encourages employees to participate in self-academic training, correspondence, remote network education, and linked to salaries and bonuses. According to the company's strategic plan, the annual sending talented employees to Zhejiang University, and other universities Zhegong Da graduate studies, graduate Master's degree.

    R & D and technical personnel training: the company invited experts and scholars to give lectures, field guide, regular lectures mutual exchange of learning, or take joint education or training, etc. commissioned by training professionals.

    Training of Trainers: company organization to undertake an internal trainer responsibilities of key staff are trained to the short-term, self-oriented amateur, using special training, teaching and research, study or other forms of learning educational theory, science basic theory and professional knowledge of the teaching in a timely manner using the latest research results, to enrich the teaching content.

    Management Training: In order to improve the overall quality of cadres and job performance company, the company established a cadre training system, cadres at all levels through a variety of ways to encourage learning and development office capabilities, broaden horizons management, improve management skills.

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