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    NHU talent: good moral character, peace of mind, performance excellence


    Employing basic principles:
    follow cultural identity, ability and integrity, race horses and grow together principles.

    The principle of cultural identity. Selection and appointment identify with the company culture and values of employees, relentless build solidarity and consensus values, and those interested in career development and expansion into new and outstanding team.

    Ability and integrity principles. Follow "because it is administered, personnel director," employing the strategy, take "Talented, unconventional reuse; virtuous without it, training to use; talent without virtue, supervision caution; no virtue without it, resolutely do not."

    The principle of race horses. Provide for employee growth and development of a broad platform, take the "single job" and "competition for employment," a combination of methods, for outstanding performance, outstanding ability to focus on training and appointment of staff to give to enhance the overall strength of the human resources.

    Principles and grow together. Encourage employees to work actively to provide staff with a variety of physical and mental aspects of security, to ensure that employees endeavors consistent with the company's development goals, the company and employees to achieve common development.

    Talent orientation: emphasis on education, but Bu Wei education, not only value the expertise, but also to the job experience; both attention to corporate loyalty, but also to the recent performance.

    Measure employee growth standards: competent at their jobs, good performance, be innovative, improved. Competent at their jobs is the talent, innovation and pioneering is talent.


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